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San Bernardino National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Discover Horse-Friendly Trails at San Bernardino National Forest, California


Attention all horse lovers and equestrians! If you're seeking your next equine adventure, look no further than the panoramic backwoods of San Bernardino National Forest. With miles of horse-friendly trails embedded in the heart of California, these picturesque pathways are a must-visit for equestrians of all levels. Let's delve into some of these trails, which place nature's astounding beauty right under your horse's hooves.


1. Big Bear Lake Area - Skyline Trail

Skyline Trail is a horse-friendly trail offering a taste of Big Bear's most awe-inspiring sights. At a little over 15 miles, this exhilarating trail is classified as a moderate-level ride with its own share of climbs and descents. 


2. Idyllwild Area - Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail

This trail is a true treat for riders with its exceptional accessibility for horses and stunning views. Also known as the Ernie Maxwell Horse Trail, it covers a shorter distance of about five miles and is lined with shade-loving manzanita and chaparral.


3. Lake Arrowhead Area - The Exploration Trail

Get ready for your journey of exploration along this 8.6-mile trail. Friendly for horses, the Exploration Trail conveys riders through a diversity of ecosystems and terrain to showcase the depth of San Bernardino's natural beauty.


4. Running Springs Area - Keller Peak Fire Lookout

The 9.6-mile trail leading to Keller Peak Fire Lookout is another gem for equine enthusiasts. Horses are welcome on this trail, which offers tremendous sights of the valley and peaks beyond.


5. Fawnskin Area - Grays Peak Trail

Perfectly suited for horses, Grays Peak Trail is a 6.5-mile round trip trail featuring panoramic views of Big Bear Lake. This is a great trail for those seeking a quiet and peaceful ride, complete with the soft whispers of expected wildlife.


Remember to always check with local authorities for updated trail information and maintain respectful trail etiquette while enjoying your horse-back adventure. Happy riding!









Please note: The current information is accurate as of the date of publication, but trail accessibility for horses is subject to change without notice. Always consult local authorities or the official Forest Service website for the latest information.


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