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San Isabel National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-friendly Trails in San Isabel National Forest, Colorado




Calling all equestrians! If you've got a passion for horseback riding and the great outdoors, then San Isabel National Forest in beautiful Colorado is the perfect place to combine these interests. Here, we've compiled a list of horse-friendly trails within this stunning wilderness. Enjoy!


1. Rainbow Trail


Running a whopping 110 miles, the Rainbow Trail is a gem for horse riders. Nestled against the eastern boundary of San Isabel National Forest, the trail passes through multiple environments from sagebrush valleys to alpine forests. Be sure to check individual trailheads for specific horse trailer parking. 


2. Wilderness Loop Trail


The Wilderness Loop Trail is a popular 12.7-mile hike in the La Garita Wilderness area. It's also open to horseback riders who fancy a leisurely trek through stunning natural surroundings. The terrain is accessible and offers a moderately challenging ride even for novice riders. 


3. Bear Lake Trail


With a length of 2.9 miles, Bear Lake Trail is relatively short but incredibly picturesque. Meandering through the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness, it provides arresting views of aspen fields and Bear Lake itself. The trail is quite tranquil, making it an ideal choice for a peaceful horse ride. 


4. Colorado Trail, Section 14


This significant section of the Colorado Trail runs for 22.8 miles through San Isabel National Forest. With habitats ranging from mountainous areas to lush valleys, there's plenty to keep horse riders engaged. For multi-day trips, camping is possible at different points along the trail. 


5. Venable-Comanche National Recreation Trail 


The Venable-Comanche trail is a loop route taking in Venable Falls, Comanche Lake and Phantom Terrace. It's roughly 12.4 miles long and is open for horse riding. Riders can expect a more challenging ride due to elevation changes and can appreciate beautiful alpine scenery along the way.  


6. Hermit Peak Trail


The 8.6-mile Hermit Peak Trail is a lesser-known option for horseback riders, but it offers a tranquil ride through the forest with fantastic views of the Sangre de Cristo Range. Do remember that high-clearance vehicles are necessary for Horse Camp trailhead access.




San Isabel National Forest is an equestrian's paradise with a wide range of trails that welcome horse riders. Next time you're planning an outdoor adventure, why not saddle up and explore the forest's natural beauty right from your horse's back?



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