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San Juan National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: A Horseback Adventurer’s Guide to San Juan National Forest’s Equestrian Trails


Hello, equestrians! In search of beautiful trails to bring your equine friends? Look no further. These picturesque horseback riding trails nestled within San Juan National Forest in Colorado offer stunning landscapes and unforgettable adventures. Now gather your reins, saddle up, and embark on journeys where hoofbeats harmonize with nature.


1. Animas River Trail

This 5.5-mile stretch along the banks of the Animas River offers serene views of the river and surrounding forests on horseback. Tranquil and easy, it’s the perfect trail for leisurely rides.1


2. Hermosa Creek Trail

Ride along the pristine Hermosa Creek on this 19-mile trail. Allowing horses, you’ll marvel at the pine and aspen forests that flourish on its path.2


3. Vallecito Creek Trail

A captivating 14-mile trail is perfect for experienced riders. The Vallecito Creek trail delights with its rushing creek, lush greenery, and expansive views of the wilderness.3


4. Pine River Trail

For a challenging yet rewarding ride, explore this 22.9-mile trail. Be prepared for rocky terrains, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Pine River and nearby mountains.4


5. Spencer Basin Trail

At 4.7 miles, the Spencer Basin Trail is a shorter but equally exciting route. It boasts vibrant wildflowers during the spring and rich wildlife sightings.5


6. Scotch Creek Trail

This 9.3-mile traipse combines a lovely stream, tranquil forest, and the thrill of altitude at 12,000 feet, making a truly memorable horseback excursion.6


7. Roaring Fork Trail

A more strenuous ride, Roaring Fork’s 8.5-mile journey leads to alpine landscapes, cascades, and potential encounters with local fauna. Be sure to prepare for the significant elevation gain.7


8. Lake Fork Trail

Experience a refreshing 15-mile ride alongside the Lake Fork River and enjoy the diverse ecosystems that thrive here.8


Remember always to adhere to the trail rules and respect the environment you’re exploring. With these superb trails in San Juan National Forest, every horse ride is an adventure waiting to unfold.



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