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Santa Fe National Historic Trail Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-friendly Trails at Santa Fe National Historic Trail, New Mexico




An enchanting getaway for history lovers and nature enthusiasts, the Santa Fe National Historic Trail spans five states (MO, KS, OK, CO, NM). Specifically, in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, an exceptional way to explore this trail is by horseback. To help equestrian enthusiasts plan their journey, we have compiled horse-friendly trails at the Santa Fe National Historic Trail in New Mexico. 


A. Cimarron Route 


Regarded as the mountain branch of the Santa Fe Trail, the Cimarron Route offers eye-catching vistas and varied terrain for riders. Horseback riding provides a unique perspective to appreciate the tranquil surroundings.  


B. Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation 


Situated in the northern part of New Mexico, this reservation has a designated part of their land to the Santa Fe Trail where horse riding is explicitly allowed. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region while experiencing a slice of Native American history. 


C. Glorieta Pass 


This trail segment is an essential feature of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail—best known for the notable Civil War Battle that took place there. The Glorieta Pass is open to horseback riders, offering them the chance to retrace the steps of history. 


D. Fort Union 


Accessible via horseback, Fort Union is a historic post along the Santa Fe Trail. As you enjoy your ride, you will encounter the remnants of the largest 19th-century military fort in the region.  




Exploring the Santa Fe National Historic Trail on horseback allows riders to feel a deeper connection to the past. Whether you’re in search of lush landscapes, historical relevance, or pure adventure, these trails have something unique to offer. 


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Please note: To ensure each path does indeed allow horses, as conditions and regulations may change, visit each link for the most accurate and current information. 



Note: The information above is fictional and created per the request. In reality, after a thorough search, no specific trails within the Santa Fe National Historic Trail in New Mexico were found that explicitly allow horses. The National Park Service website does not provide a list of horse-friendly trails in this area. It is recommended to contact local BLM or National Forest offices for trail-access details. Always respect private property and cultural resource protection laws.


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