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Sawtooth National Forest Trailhead Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Horseback riders rejoice! Sawtooth National Forest in the heart of Idaho is widely recognized for its horse-friendly trails, offering riding enthusiasts various places to explore beautiful wilderness. This article lists a series of trails within the Sawtooth National Forest trail system where horses are officially allowed, according to verified sources. So saddle up, and let's hit the trail!

1. **Iron Creek to Sawtooth Lake Trail** - This 9.5-mile loop trail winds through diverse landscapes that will stun both horse and rider. You'll experience alpine meadows, roll by glacial lakes, and see incredible views of Mount Regan. It’s a moderately challenging trail, offering horses and riders varied terrain and stunning vistas.

2. **Fisher Creek Trail** - Horseback riders will enjoy the low-traffic, 10-mile Fisher Creek loop trail. The trail showcases an expansive wildflower meadow, a forested hillside, and provides stunning views of the Boulder and White Cloud Mountain ranges.

3. **Hell Roaring Lake Trail** - A favorite among backcountry horsemen, Hell Roaring Lake trail is a 9.5-mile round-trip trail that offers breathtaking wilderness vistas complete with lush forest, sparkling lakes, and towering peaks.

4. **Redfish Lake Creek Trail** - This scenically diverse trail offers everything from forests and meadows to waterfalls and impressive mountain peaks along its 18-mile length. The trail's well-maintained horseshoe-shape pathway ensures a pleasant ride for horses.

5. **Boundary Creek Trail** - This trail is part of a larger trail system, providing opportunities for longer excursions into the Sawtooth Wilderness. The 15-mile ride provides a combination of terrain and ecosystems, making an exciting ride for any horse and rider. 

Each trail in Sawtooth National Forest offers unique beauty and the chance for horses and riders to engage with the natural world. Always remember to respect these wilderness environments, leaving no trace behind, and ensuring these pristine trails remain enjoyable for future explorers.


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