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Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks


Discover the breathtaking landscapes of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks on horseback. These California gems offer several horse-friendly trails for equestrian adventurists seeking serene landscapes, towering trees, and alpine freshness. We've brought together a list of horse-friendly trails that promise thrilling rides and unparalleled natural beauty. 


1. High Sierra Trail

Traveling 60 miles through Sequoia National Park from Crescent Meadow to the summit of Mount Whitney, the High Sierra Trail is an exhilarating challenge for horse riders. Please note that while the trail allows horses, some areas may be steep and treacherous, requiring careful navigation.


2. The John Muir Trail 

Known for its captivating beauty, the John Muir Trail, at 211 miles in length from Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney's summit, traverses through Kings Canyon, providing a thrilling equestrian ride surrounded by exceptional scenery.


3. Pacific Crest Trail 

Sequoia National Park's section of the Pacific Crest Trail offers an extraordinary equestrian experience. It covers 70 miles of diverse terrains and picturesque landscapes, making it a dream ride for horse lovers.


4. Cedar Grove Area Trails

Cedar Grove offers a network of trails suitable for horse riding. Key trails include the Hotel Creek Trail, the Lewis Creek Trail, and the Lookout Peak Trail. Some trails may have certain restrictions, so it's best to check further on each trail's regulations.


5. Little Baldy Trail

This 3.3-mile trail in Sequoia National Park offers a relatively relaxed ride with less challenging terrains, making it great for less experienced horse riders. The panoramic views atop Little Baldy are absolutely worth the climb.


6. Big Trees Trail 

Circle around a lush meadow on horseback on this 1.5-mile loop trail in Sequoia National Park. Big Trees trail is flat and gentle, making it an ideal choice for a relaxed, scenic ride. 


Before heading out, always contact the park offices to learn about the current conditions and regulations. Riding horses on these trails requires a specific permit that provides rules for ensuring both your safety and the preservation of these pristine trails.


Wander these extraordinary paths and experience the best of what Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks have to offer from horseback. Happy riding!



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