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Sequoia National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: The Best Trails for Horse-Riding in Sequoia National Forest, California 



Experience the grandeur of the Sequoia National Forest in California like never before – from horseback! Offering miles upon miles of broad trails amidst majestic sequoias, this region is truly a paradise for equestrians. Let's uncover some of the top trails that welcome both riders and their noble companions.


1. Hockett Meadow Trail

This moderately trafficked trail stretches over 8.7 miles, promising riders intimate encounters with the breathtaking wilderness of Sequoia NF. Horses are most certainly welcome on this loop trail all year round 1.


2. Summit Trail 

The Summit Trail is a 16.1-mile, out and back horse-friendly trail. Offering abundant wild flowers and panoramic vistas, the trail is open for equestrian enthusiasts from late spring until the early fall 2.


3. Golden Trout Wilderness - Kern Flat to Little Kern River Trail

This 15-mile round trip trail allows horses and provides magnificent views of the Kern Flat to Little Kern River. It's best experienced from April until November 3.


4. Jennie Lakes Wildness Trails

A 28.8-mile equestrian-friendly wilderness loop, this set of trails offers a lake, stunning wildflower displays during spring, and a fantastic opportunity to spot diverse wildlife 3.


5. Lewis Camp Trail to Trout Meadow 

Existing as part of the larger Golden Trout Wilderness, the Lewis Camp Trail is another gem within the Sequoia NF that invites equine companions. This trail offers a quiet forest trail that winds through historic packer camps 4.


6. Eagle Lake Trail 

This five-mile trail extends from Mineral King to Eagle Lake. With breathtaking views of the lake and valley below, horse riders will experience an unforgettable ride 5.


Before heading out, always remember to respect the natural environment, adhere to trail regulations, and ensure your horse is under control at all times. 


Happy riding!









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