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Shasta National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Trails at Shasta National Forest - Equestrian-Friendly Explorations


Discover the marvelous wonder of California's Shasta National Forest on horseback. This extensive forest offers multiple trails welcoming horses, providing an unrivaled experience through dreamy landscapes and stunning vistas. Here's our list of some incredible horse-friendly trails at Shasta National Forest, verified and approved for your equine companions. 


1. **McCloud River Loop**: This 10km loop trail welcomes horse riders. It's best known for breathtaking views of three rushing waterfalls, and the sights of verdant pine, fir, and cedar trees. Moderate difficulty level makes this trail suitable for more experienced riders. 


2. **The Pacific Crest Trail**: A section of this iconic trail passes through Shasta National Forest. Welcoming horses, this trail sees lesser footfall, making it perfect for a silent communion with nature.


3. **Castle Crags Trail**: This equestrian-friendly, 6-mile trail offers breath-taking views of Castle Crags, Castle Dome, and Mount Shasta. Moderate to challenging, this trail surely rewards the efforts with its awe-inspiring views. 


4. **Harris Spring Trail**: A relatively easy, 5-mile out-and-back trail that allows horses. Majestic vistas of Shasta Lake and cool shade from the towering trees make this a relaxing ride. 


5. **Burstarse Falls Trail**: Ideally traveled by horse between March and October, this 3.8-mile trail rewards horseback riders with views of a cascading waterfall. 


6. **Grizzly Peak Trail**: This trail welcomes both hikers and horse riders. The 4.1-mile journey rewards with sweeping views of the Trinity Alps and Mount Shasta.


7. **Mount Eddy Trail**: Offering panoramic views of alpine meadows and Mount Shasta, this trail runs 5.5 miles. The path meanders through alpine meadows, rugged peaks, and clear streams, welcoming horses for a surreal ride through Mother Nature's canvas.


8. **Dry Fork Creek Trail**: This equestrian-friendly trail stretches a comfortable 3.6 miles and offers riders a serene journey through rich groves and alongside a peaceful creek.


Enjoy responsibly by respecting the trails and their rules to keep them beautiful and safe for all. Happy Trails!



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