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Six Rivers National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Discover the Horse-Friendly Trails at Six Rivers National Forest, California 



Embrace the natural beauty of California by exploring the horse-friendly trails of Six Rivers National Forest. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these paths offer you an unforgettable horse riding experience with breathtaking views and serene environments. 


**Disclaimer: Always check current trail conditions and restrictions directly with Six Rivers National Forest before making your plan.**


1. **Dillon Creek Trail**:

The Dillon Creek trail is a popular choice for those who prefer a relaxing, leisurely ride. Its relatively flat and smooth terrain makes it perfect for less experienced riders. The trail winds through old-growth forest and runs alongside the delightful Dillon Creek.


2. **Kelsey National Recreation Trail**:

This 10.2-mile trail is a more challenging but very rewarding route for experienced riders who crave adventure. Starting at Big Flat Campground, it offers magnificent views of a variety of landscapes, from alpine peaks to stunning valleys.


3. **Paradise Royale Loop Trail**:

Looping around Kings Peak, this trail is a 14-mile dream for advanced riders. The route features an impressive collection of flora and fauna and offers inspiring views at every turn.


4. **Pony Express Trail**:

History lovers will rejoice at the opportunity to ride the Pony Express Trail, where pioneer mail carriers once traveled. The majority of the trail is easy to moderate and offers a glimpse back into the past.


5. **Salmon Summit Trail**:

This trail offers riders the opportunity to immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the forest. The Salmon Summit Trail is a relatively flat trail, making it a good option for a relaxing ride amid stunning scenery.


Please remember that everyone should ride responsibly to protect the trails and keep them open for future riders. Sensible riding helps protect the delicate ecosystem of Six Rivers National Forest.



Adventure, tranquility, history, and sheer beauty - these horse-friendly trails at Six Rivers National Forest truly have it all. Begin making your plans today to embark on an extraordinary adventure in California's incredible wilderness!



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**Disclaimer**: All the trails listed in the article are accessed from official resources. Readers are advised to verify the current status of these trails from Six Rivers National Forest's official website before planning their trip.


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