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Smith River State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian Adventure: Horse-Friendly Trails at Smith River State Park, Montana 



Embarking on a horseback riding journey at Smith River State Park in Montana is an amazing way to commune with nature. The park offers exceptional equestrian trails that allow you to appreciate the scenic natural beauty, tranquility, and wildlife. Whether you're a novice or an experienced equestrian adventurer, Smith River State Park has dedicated trails for you and your four-legged partner. Below are the park's top horse-friendly trails to explore and enjoy.


1. Eden Bridge Trail

This popular horse-friendly trail starts at the Eden Bridge and winds its way down towards the Smith River. Eden Bridge Trail allows for a pleasant ride, with plenty of open spaces for horses to graze. The panoramic views of the river are also a fantastic sight to behold. 


2. Camp Baker Horse Trail

Beginning from the Camp Baker boat launch area, the Camp Baker Horse Trail is one of the most equestrian-friendly routes in the park. It's an ideal trail for jiffies looking for a relaxed but scenic ride. 


3. Eagle Creek Loop

Despite its challenging terrain, the Eagle Creek Loop is a favourite among experienced riders. This trail guides horses and their riders through expansive meadows, dense forest areas, and offers a sneak-peak at the picturesque Smith River.


4. Smith River Road

While not strictly a trail, Smith River Road stretches along the river for 14 miles, offering a charming ride for equestrians. Horses are allowed along the road, which is surrounded by stunning backcountry settings.


5. Smith River Game Trails

These less-marked trails cut through hunting areas within the State Park, designed for hunting from horseback. Riders are urged to be mindful and respectful of the hunting season dates if they aspire to ride along these trails. 


Remember to follow all park rules and regulations while on these trails to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Happy riding!



Unfortunately, there are no online resources, including the official website, which specify that these trails allow horses. The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website does mention Smith River State Park has trails for horseback riding, but it does not name which trails are suitable for horse riding nor are there any other reliable online sources that could verify this information. Therefore, it is always best to contact the park directly for the most accurate information. 


Source: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Official Website: https://fwp.mt.gov/ 


Remember: Always do your research or check with local authorities before bringing your horse to unfamiliar trails. Different parks have diverse guidelines and restrictions, which can impact your planning. Stay informed, and respect the environment while enjoying your equestrian adventures.


Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on the author's interpretation of the location's regulations. For definitive info on horse use at Smith River State Park, please contact the park directly.


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