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Smith Rock State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Adventures: Trails to Embark on at Smith Rock State Park, Oregon


If you have a flair for horseback riding and happen to be in Oregon, Smith Rock State Park offers an enchanting perspective. Of the many beautiful wonders in Oregon, Smith Rock State Park holds a special place with its towering cliffs, sapphire blue river, and impressive wildlife. While not all trails are suited or permitted for horse riding, several offer equestrians the opportunity for an unforgettable adventure. Here's a curated list of Smith Rock trails specifically allowing horseback riding:


1. **The Summit Loop Trail**: As the name suggests, this trail offers impressive views of the city of Redmond and the Cascades. It’s a challenging trail, requiring seasoned horses and riders due to the steep inclines and proximity to high cliff lines.


2. **Homestead Trail**: Contrary to the challenging Summit Trail, the Homestead Trail is great for beginners, offering gentle terrains and marked paths. Offering striking views of the Crooked River, which you'll cross during the trip, the trail spans approximately 3.8 miles in total.


3. **Burma Road**: Quite popular among equestrians, this trail features a mixed-use surface that is well maintained. Burma Road presents an astounding spectacle of the Crooked River Canyon, making your descent a magical experience. The trail stretches about 5 miles.


4. **Wolf Tree Trail**: Known for its abundant wildflower spread during spring, the Wolf Tree Trail is also a worthy experience for equestrians. Stretching around 3 miles, this trail is popular among wildlife enthusiasts who might spot remnants of old growth Junipers, the namesake of the trail.


5. **River Trail**: Ideal for both beginners and seasoned equestrians, River Trail is a scenic wonder. Cutting through the heartland of the park, you'll pass the iconic Monkey Face rock formation on your journey. It covers around 2.5 miles.


Each trail offers a distinct sensation and experience, ensuring horse riders of all levels experience the beauty and diversity of Smith Rock State Park. Remember to follow any posted signs or guidelines to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment of these beautiful shared trails.


Have your saddle ready, ride safe, and soak in the wonders of Smith Rock State Park!




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