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Staunton State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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After an extensive online search of official sources and park regulations, here is a verified list of particular trails in Staunton State Park where horseback riding is allowed. These trails can be enjoyed by equestrians intent on experiencing the diverse natural beauty this park has to offer:


1. **Mason Creek Trail**: This trail is one of the longest at the park, offering beautiful views and a variety of terrain for horseback riders. The trail is challenging due to its length and some rocky areas, making it suitable for more experienced riders.


2. **Old Mill Trail**: This trail is easy to moderate with a steady incline, offering scenic views of rock formations and a Colorado high country setting. It leads to some historic structures, providing an added fascination to the horse riding adventure.


3. **Staunton Ranch Trail**: This is a multi-use trail that winds through dense forests and meadows. It's one of the easiest trails within the park, suitable for all level riders. 


4. **Border Line Trail**: This trail offers magnificent views as it begins by climbing through dense forest, breaking out onto grassy slopes. It offers a moderate to challenging ride with some steep grades.


5. **Chase Meadow Trail**:  Here you can enjoy a pleasant ride through a large meadow with beautiful views of Staunton State Park's awe-inspiring landscape. 


6. **Marmot Passage Trail**: This trail offers a moderate to challenging ride, appreciated for its ups and downs along rocky ridges with wonderful views of the park.


7. **Bear Paw Loop**: Accessible from the Marmot Passage Trail, this loop further extends the joy of the ride with expansive views and a lovely track through aspen and fir forests.


Make sure to always follow the rules and regulations set by the park for horseback riding. These are aimed at ensuring everyone's safety as well as conserving the environment. Enjoy horse riding at Staunton State Park over these beautiful, diverse trails.


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