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Stephen A Forbes State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Stephen A. Forbes State Park in Illinois offers a variety of trails that permit horseback riding. The park boasts 20 miles of well-maintained equestrian trails offering a blend of beautiful sceneries and a hint of adventure for horse riders. These expansive trails wander through nature's beauty and soothe the soul, making the park a favored destination for horseback riders.


The following are the specific equestrian trails at Stephen A. Forbes State Park that welcomes horses:


1. **Forbes Prairie Trail**: This pathway explores prairie and woodland terrain, offering riders a lovely view of the park’s diverse ecosystems.


2. **Whiskey Creek Trail**: A trail popular for its tranquil setting alongside Whiskey Creek. It offers a serene environment for horse riders.


3. **Oak Woods Trail**: Oak Woods Trail is one of the most preferred courses due to its beautiful wooded setting. Riding through this trail feels like venturing into an enchanted forest.


4. **Little Oak Trail**: This trail provides a beautiful tour through a charming oak forest. In the spring, blooming flowers add a splash of color to your journey.


5. **Big Buck Loop**: Named aptly, Big Buck Loop scores high in natural beauty and diverse wildlife sightings.


6. **Deer Run Trail**: This is another trail that meanders through a dense woodland setting, providing natural shade and scenic view for horse riders.


7. **Turkey Ridge Trail**: Riders can expect to catch sight of the park’s native wild turkeys while navigating this trail.


8. **Fox Trot Trail**: This trail, winding through woods and open fields, delivers an unforgettable riding experience.




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