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Stewart State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Stewart State Forest, New York


Are you an equestrian enthusiast in search of horse-friendly trails in the Empire State? Look no further! Stewart State Forest, New York, has got you covered. Located in Orange County, this expansive forest is a gem for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those fond of horse-riding. Below is a curated list of trails at Stewart State Forest that welcome our equine friends.


1. **The Ridge Road Trail:** A well-maintained stretch that offers challenging terrains for both horse and rider, this trail maintains a captivating landscape all year round. It's a favourite among riders for the serenity it offers. 


2. **Great Swamp Trail:** Wander through the diverse flora and fauna on horseback along this trail. The path meanders through a captivating swamp area, a unique experience for riders and horses alike.


3. **Weed Road Trail:** This trail offers both challenging and easy horse-riding sections, making it ideal for equestrians of various skill levels.


4. **Pine Hill Trail:** The Pine Hill Trail is most known for its peaceful riding experience, courtesy of the towering pine trees that line the route. 


5. **Sweet Hill Road:** A well established trail perfect for horseback. This trail will lure you in with its wide, easy-to-navigate path and charming views.


Please note that trails may have different access rules at different times of the year. Always review up-to-date park regulations before setting off for your horse-riding adventure. Regulations can typically be found at the trail heads or online. 


So saddle up, gather your gear, and head to Stewart State Forest, where both you and your horse can enjoy the untamed beauty of New York's nature. 


Reference: Stewart State Forest Horse Riding Information


Please note, this list has been accurately compiled based on the provided information on the official New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, but trails and regulations may change. Always verify from official sources before embarking on a horse-riding adventure. Happy riding!



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