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Sumter National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Saddle Up: Horse-Friendly Trails in Sumter National Forest, South Carolina


Introduction: There's nothing quite like exploring the splendors of Sumter National Forest on horseback. Luckily for equestrian enthusiasts, there are specific trails within this South Carolina gem that welcome our equine friends. So dust off your saddles and riding boots, here's your guide to horse-friendly trails in Sumter National Forest.


1. Fell Camp Trail: 

Fell Camp Trail offers an excellent trek for horse riders. This 13.6-mile-long trail sits within the Andrew Pickens Ranger District and features a moderate terrain that caters to all riders. You can explore at a leisurely pace and savor the forest's serene atmosphere on this trail. Horses are specifically allowed here, making it a perfect offering for all equestrian lovers. 1


2. Rocky Gap Trail: 

Rocky Gap Trail, well known for its rocky paths and forest views, is yet another horse-friendly trail. Nestled in The Enoree Ranger District, this 6-mile trail caters to both day rides and overnight equestrian adventurers.  Just remember to ride responsibly and respect the trail's natural resources. 2


3. Wine Springs Horse Trail: 

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Wine Springs Horse Trail. Enjoy the forest's diverse flora and fauna on this 9-mile loop. It's suitable for all horse riding proficiency levels and is found within the Andrew Pickens Ranger District, guaranteeing your ride will be filled with charming wooded vistas and peaceful moments. 3


4. Bad Creek Horse Trail: 

The Bad Creek Horse Trail provides an excellent trek for horseback riding enthusiasts. Situated within the Andrew Pickens Ranger District, this 10.5-mile trail offers a variety of terrain for differing levels of horse riding skill. Just be cautious about the weather as the trail can become challenging after periods of rainfall. 4


5. Parson's Mountain OHV Trail: 

On the Parson's Mountain OHV Trail, horses and off-highway vehicles share the trail. Located within the Andrew Pickens Ranger District, this 7-mile trail features diverse topography and plenty of scenic beauty to look forward to. 5


Endnote: So, there you have it! A list of the wonderful trails within Sumter National Forest that embrace our beloved horses. Always remember to respect the trail, take care of your horse, and most importantly, enjoy the ride and the surrounding extraordinary natural beauty. Happy trails!









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