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Sutton State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Experience the Equestrian Trails of Sutton State Forest, New Hampshire


If you're looking for a fantastic horse-riding experience, look no further than New Hampshire's Sutton State Forest. This sprawling woodland retreat offers unique, carefully maintained trails that specifically allow equestrian riders to explore picturesque nature in unforgettable style. Let's saddle up and explore these incredible horse riding trails:


1. **Knight's Hill Trail Perimeter Loop**


Knight's Hill Trail Perimeter Loop is a well-loved trail in Sutton State Forest that’s perfect for horse riding. This 3.9-mile lightly trafficked loop offers a serene setting for both horse and rider to enjoy. Riders often report rarely seeing other trail users, helping to maintain a secluded, peaceful atmosphere. 


2. **Ledge Loop**


Ledge Loop is a 2.5-mile moderate trail that is open for horses. Embrace the beauty of Sutton State Forest, as you negotiate various terrain features along this loop. Don’t forget to stop and soak in the scenic views from the scenic ledges.


3. **Ridge Trail**


The Ridge Trail offers a wonderful horse riding experience with sweeping views over Sutton State Forest. An easy trail measuring 1.7 miles one way, it’s also suitable for novice horse riders or anyone aiming for a leisurely ride amid enchanting wildlife.


*Please bear in mind that local regulations could change regarding trail usage. To ensure a safe and enjoyable ride, respect any posted signs along the trails, and always plan your visit ahead.*




* Official hiking trail maps of Sutton State Forest in New Hampshire(



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