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Swatara State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Hit the Trails: Equestrian-Friendly Trails in Swatara State Park, Pennsylvania 


Saddle up and gallop off your leisure time along the trails of Swatara State Park. Located on the second ridge of the Appalachians, Swatara State Park offers an enchanting atmosphere for horseback riding. Below is a list of specific trails that allow horses. 


*Please note to always check the park regulations or official site for the most current information as some regulations can change.*


1. **Swatara Rail Trail**

The Swatara Rail Trail stretches 10 miles through the heart of Swatara State Park. This multi-use trail welcomes horses, offering a scenic stretch for horseback riding, with a surface largely comprised of crushed stone and dirt 1.


2. **Bear Hole Trail**

At approximately 4 miles, Bear Hole Trail is another trail within Swatara State Park that gives equestrians a chance to ride amidst nature 2. This path is shared with hikers and bikers, so riders should be mindful of others around them.


3. **Bordner Cabin Trail**

Though a short route (approximately 1 mile), horseback riders can still enjoy Bordner Cabin Trail. This trail joins with Bear Hole Trail and winds its way to an old cabin overlooking the Aycrigg's waterfall 3 - another fascinating sight for equestrians to enjoy.


4. **Don Trail**

This multi-purpose trail that stretches about 2 miles allows horses. A small proportion of the trail has gravel which might not be very horse-friendly 1. So, while it's accessible to horses, riders are advised to exercise caution.


Always remember to carry out a cleanup after your horse to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of these trails.


With the above trails, horseriding explorers are sure to enjoy their time at Swatara State Park.




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