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Targhee National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Embark on these spectacular trails in Targhee National Forest, where horse-friendly routes offer a unique way to explore this picturesque area. Accurately verified from official sources, these trails provide a safe and serene experience for horses and their riders. So, gear up, saddle in, and relish the beauty of Targhee National Forest with your equine companion.

1. **Teton Canyon Trail:** An excellent destination for horseback riding, this route provides stunning views of the Teton Range. The trail smoothly winds downward, offering a pleasant ride for both horses and riders. 

2. **South Leigh Creek Trail:** This trail unfolds through diverse landscapes including dense forests, open meadows, and babbling creeks. Its comprehensive length is ideal for a full day of horseback riding.

3. **Badger Creek Trail:** With moderate difficulty, the Badger Creek Trail promises a steady climb and the reward of panoramic mountain views. It's a great choice for advanced horse riders looking for a bit more challenge. 

4. **Palisades Creek Trail:** This undulating path meanders alongside the shimmering Palisades Creek. It presents a steady gradient, making the trail a pleasant ride for both beginners and experienced riders.

5. **Teton Wilderness Trail:** Primarily used for long rides, this route includes wide paths, meadows, and a fantastic view of the Teton Range. It's a must-visit for keen riders and their horses, eager to explore the true essence of Targhee National Forest.

Each trail ensures both safety and fun for horse riders, presenting stunning views at every turn. Whether you're jaunting along the babbling Palisades Creek or exploring the dense forests of Leigh Creek, your horseback riding experience in Targhee National Forest promises to be unforgettable. 


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