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Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Trails in Theodore Roosevelt National Park: A Guide to Trot with Nature


Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the American west by embarking on horseback at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota. This Park offers thrilling adventures on horseback over the rugged terrain that once inspired President Roosevelt himself.


Here's your comprehensive list of all the horse-friendly trails in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. 


1. **Painted Canyon Nature Trail**: This accessible 0.9-mile trail allows horses while offering splendid views of the colorful Badlands landscape. Start at the Painted Canyon Visitor Center and immerse yourself in the native plants and watch for wildlife along the way.


2. **Ridgeline Nature Trail**: A self-guided 0.6-mile trail that allows horses. You will witness the Badlands terrain transitioning into prairie here. The trailhead is located at Cottonwood Campground.


3. **Caprock Coulee Nature Trail**: Horses are permitted on this challenging trail that covers 1.5 miles of rugged terrain with captivating geological formations. Start your journey at the Caprock Coulee parking area.


4. **The Petrified Forest Loop**: This 10.3-mile loop trail that embraces remarkable petrified wood areas also allows horses. The trailhead is located south of the North Unit Visitor Center.


5. **Lower Paddock Creek Trail**: An appealing trail covering 4.1 miles where horses are welcome. The trail begins at the Peaceful Valley ranch in South Unit.


6. **Paddock Creek Trail**: A challenging trail covering 12.4 miles that allows horseback riding. Its trailhead is at the Scenic Loop Drive.


7. **Achenbach Trail**: Offering a strenuous challenge over 18 miles, this trail offers riders breathtaking views and exciting terrain. Located in the North Unit, horses are permitted on this trail.


Remember to follow the park's horseback riding rules. Off-trail riding is allowed in the South and North Units, with the exception of areas under restoration or closed for wildlife protection.


Remember, Take only memories, leave only hoof prints!



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