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Trinity National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian-Friendly Trails at Trinity National Forest, California


If you're looking for a perfect getaway to experience nature with your horse, look no further than the Trinity National Forest in California. Replete with breathtaking views and diverse flora and fauna, this forest has several trails ideal for horseback riding. Here’s a list of the best equestrian-friendly trails to explore.


1. **Big Flat Trailhead**


   An excellent point of departure for several destinations, the Big Flat Trailhead enables access to both the Caribou Lakes and Snowslide Lake. Although steep and strenuous, these trails allow horses and offer scenic beauty that makes the effort worthwhile. 


2. **Caribou Lake Trail**


   Accessible from Big Flat Trailhead, this 7.5-mile trail known for its beautiful lake and wildflowers allows horses. The trail offers several activities and is best used from June until September.


3. **Devil's Backbone Trail**


   An exception among steep trails, the Devil’s Backbone is a moderately difficult 5.7-mile trail that is open to horseback riding. Connected to multiple other trails, it rewards riders with a phenomenal view of the Trinity Alps.


4. **Foster's Cabin Trail**


   This 5.1-mile trail allows horses and is known for its engaging terrain. Beautiful forests, streams, and the scenic glory of Foster's cabin are the major attractions here.


5. **Swift Creek Trail**


   Starting from Swift Creek trailhead, riders can access Bear Basin, Granite Peak, and Seven Up Pass with their horses. These paths offer diverse landscapes from lush greenery to rocky terrains.


6. **Bear Creek Trail**


   This 8.7-mile trail is open for horseback riding, featuring a beautiful river. Despite its length, Bear Creek Trail has a moderate difficulty level, making it an exciting ride for both beginners and experienced riders.


Remember, most of these trails are also open to hikers, so be prepared to share the path. Always respect trail etiquette, which includes cleaning up after your horse, to ensure these trails remain open to horses in the future.


For more detailed information about these trails, including maps and route descriptions, visit the official website of Trinity National Forest or contact the ranger station.








Happy riding in the majestic landscapes of Trinity National Forest!


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