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Tunxis State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: A Horseback Rider's Guide to Equestrian-Friendly Trails at Tunxis State Forest, Connecticut 


Renowned for its vast expanse, Tunxis State Forest in Connecticut is an equestrian's paradise. The forest offers multiple trails where horse riding is permitted, providing myriad opportunities to explore the great outdoors from atop a saddle. Let's trot through the horse-friendly trails at Tunxis State Forest.


1. **Tunxis Mainline Trail (Blue Blaze)**


   Covering approximately 30 miles, the Tunxis Mainline Trail is an extensive blue-blazed path inviting both foot travelers and horseback riders alike. Its varied terrain and excellent viewpoints offer a gratifying experience. Known for its challenging sections, this trail demands a decent level of equine fitness and rider experience.


2. **Indian Council Caves Trail**


   Take a leap back in time as you traverse the Indian Council Caves Trail. Famous for its historical Indian Council Caves, this trail is horse-friendly too. Best ridden in early fall or spring, this trail will introduce riders to the history and culture of the region alongside natural beauty.


3. **Tunxis State Forest Green Trail**


   The Green Trail is a loop suitable for horses. This 4.9 miles trail, marked by green blazes, is known for its moderate difficulty level, making it ideal for intermediate riders. With a good mix of gradual inclines and flat stretches, riders can enjoy a charming blend of vibrant woodlands and serene meadows.


4. **Compounce Ridge Trail (Blue-Gray)**


   Known for its diverse terrain and forest sceenery, Compounce Ridge Trail offers approximately 6 miles of horse-friendly trail. From sharp inclines to rocky areas, this trail provides ample opportunity to test your horse's agility and stamina.


Whilst horse riding is allowed on these marked trails, all equestrians are reminded to respect trail signage and not to venture into areas where horses are prohibited. This ensures the preservation of this natural haven for future generations. 




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