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Tyler State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Trails at Tyler State Park, Pennsylvania: An Exclusive Guide 


Where better to saddle up and explore than Tyler State Park in Pennsylvania? This park offers several trails specifically designed and approved for horseback riding. Each trail offers a unique equestrian experience, whether you prefer wide-open spaces or forested paths. In this blog post, we've tailored a list specifically for equestrians, highlighting the key features and charm of horse-friendly trails in Tyler State Park.   


1. **Bridle Trail Loop**

Stretching over 8.4 miles, the Bridle Trail Loop is primarily used for horseback riding and is open all year round. This trail meanders through the forest, offering you a serene encounter with nature. Be prepared for some moderate level hiking along the path, and don't forget your bug spray! 


2. **Schofield Ford Covered Bridge Trail**

This is a 5.3-mile, heavily-trafficked loop trail that allows horse riding. You'll have a chance to catch sight of local Pennsylvania wildlife as well as the historic Schofield Ford Covered Bridge. Note that some parts may be difficult to navigate if it has recently rained.


3. **Creek Road Trail**

It's a 4.6-mile trail that permits horseback riding. This is an excellent trail for beginner riders due to its flat surface and relaxed environment. The trail is also great for bird watching activities, thus making your riding adventure more pleasurable. 


4. **Mill Creek Trail**

Measuring just 2.5 miles, Mill Creek Trail is a lesser-trafficked loop trail perfect for a quicker ride. It's also a perfect choice in fall, boasting beautiful autumn color views. 


We hope this list encourages you to pursue your passion for horse riding and start exploring these amazing trails at Tyler State Park! Just remember, always respect trail etiquette and ensure you've got the appropriate equipment before hitting the trails. Happy riding!




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