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Umatilla National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails in Umatilla National Forest: A Comprehensive List


If you're a horseback riding enthusiast and your next adventure destination is Umatilla National Forest, Oregon, you're in luck. This exquisite forest, spread over 1.4 million acres, offers plenty of horse-friendly trails. This article curates a list of such equestrian-friendly trails in Umatilla National Forest that promise wonderful experiences for you and your equine friend. 


1. **North Fork Umatilla Wilderness Trail #3080**

   Known for its incredible landscapes and wildlife, this trail is a beloved choice among many equestrians. A 8.2-mile long trail, it provides ample riding space and beautiful scenery. Make sure to gaze at the mesmerizing water bodies that you might pass along the way!


2. **Buck Creek Trail #3077**

   This 8.5-mile trail caters specifically to horseback riders and offers splendid sights. It takes you through lush greenery, wildflower meadows, and even a breathtaking waterfall. The trail also has several resting spots along its course.


3. **Wenaha River Trail #3106**

   Extending 31.6 miles through the wilderness, this trail is one of the longest in the region. It starts at Troy and ends at Timothy Springs, winding through several sparkling streams, diverse vegetation, and steep terrains along the way. 


4. **Panjab Loop Trail #3117A**

   This 10.5-mile loop located near Pomeroy offers horseback riders nuanced and ample riding terrain options. The path boasts beautiful views of the surrounding wilderness and takes you on a journey through a rich variety of flora and fauna.


5. **Tucannon River Trail #3138**

   A little less traversed, this 16.9-mile trail is perfect for those seeking solitude along with their wilderness adventure. It courses through thick forests and offers occasional sweeping views of the Tucannon River.


6. **Tepee Trail #3073**

   Known for its magnificent panoramas and tranquility, this 10.2-mile trail is a must-ride for equestrians. The trail winds through a mature forest, showcasing remarkable views of the North Fork drainages and the Wenaha River.


Before setting out on these trails, remember to check the weather conditions, especially during winter as some trails may become inaccessible due to snowfall. Happy riding!



1. North Fork Umatilla Wilderness Trail:

2. Buck Creek Trail:

3. Wenaha River Trail:

4. Panjab Loop Trail:

5. Tucannon River Trail:

6. Tepee Trail:


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