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Umpqua National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Spectacular Horseback Riding Trails at Umpqua National Forest, Oregon 


1. North Umpqua Trail:


Known for its incredible scenery, the North Umpqua Trail stretches over 79 miles, divided into 12 segments. This trail, ideal for nature lovers, takes riders through narrow gorges, beautiful old-growth forests, alongside bubbling streams and past stunning waterfalls. Horses are permitted on all but two of these segments: Dread and Terror Section and Thundering Waters. (Source: National Forest Service)


2. Acker Divide Trail:


If you're up for a challenge, mount up and conquer the 8.8-mile Acker Divide Trail. This high-elevation path offers panoramic views, especially towards the end, where Mt. Thielsen becomes visible. Horses are permitted, but note that the trail has steep sections which may require advanced horseback riding skills. (Source: USDA Forest Service)


3. Illahee Rock Trail:


This short but worthwhile 0.8-mile trail brings riders to a historic fire look-out point, offering an unobstructed view of the forest. Horses are certainly allowed on this trail, but beware of some rocky and steep portions. Stay safe and enjoy the ride! (Source: USDA Forest Service)


4. Boulder Creek Trail:


Winding through towering Douglas firs and past dramatic waterfall views, the 7.5-mile Boulder Creek Trail offers an immersive experience for horseback riders. The trail is open to horses, but due to its natural obstacles like large boulders and root systems, moderate riding skills are recommended. (Source: AllTrails)


5. Lake in the Woods Trail:


This short and relatively flat 0.5-mile trail is perfect for beginners seeking a laid-back ride. Surrounding a serene alpine lake, the trail offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. As official signs around the site indicate, horses are more than welcome. (Source: USDA Forest Service)


6. Tipsoo Peak Trail:


For seasoned riders seeking an adventure, the 4.8-mile Tipsoo Peak Trail offers an unforgettable journey. With its steep incline and high elevation, this trail culminates in breathtaking open vistas. Horses are allowed, but riders should be well-prepared for the trail's rigorous terrain. (Source: AllTrails)




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Please note that actual trail conditions may change and local rules should always be checked before heading out.


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