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White Mountain National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-friendly Trails In White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire


If you're a horse lover who enjoys hitting the trail with your four-legged friend, then the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire should be on your bucket list! Here are some of the best trails within this National Forest that certainly allow horseback riding.


1. **Lincoln Woods Trail** - This flat, 2.9-mile trail is one of the most horse-friendly trails in the region. It provides ample room to maneuver and an ideal, dreamy path under a canopy of trees. The River makes it a beautiful scenic route for horseback riding lovers.


2. **Sawyer River Trail** - This trail is roughly 4 miles long and gives the perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the White Mountain National Forest. Your horse will love the changing landscapes and elevation, making this trail a win-win for both.


3. **East Side Trail** -  The 5.9-mile loop trail offers a perfect horseback riding experience amidst the enchanting natural surroundings. Although it can be a challenge for beginners owing to its rocky terrain.


4. **West Side Trail** - This 5.3-mile trail offers a fantastic horse riding experience with exquisite views of waterfalls, particularly in the spring. It's advisable to ride during the daytime as the trail gets darker with the approach of the evening.


5. **Nancy Pond Trail**- A beginner-friendly trail that doesn't compromise on beauty! Nancy Pond Trail, at 8.2 miles, offers one heck of an adventure on horseback.


6. **Oliverian-Downes Brook Cross Country Trail** - The moderately challenging terrain combined with a stunning view, make this 5.8 miles trail an unparalleled experience on horseback.


Remember to always pick up after your horse and help keep our trails clean and enjoyable for all. Happy trail riding!




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