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William B Bankhead National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Unbridled Journey: A Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails in the William B. Bankhead National Forest


When it comes to those seeking spectacular scenery, wildlife sighting opportunities, and an expansive network of trails, Alabama’s William B. Bankhead National Forest does not disappoint. But what sets this forest apart is its openness to horse riding. So, saddle up and get ready for a spectacular horseback riding adventure on these designated trails.



This trail offers an astounding 16 miles of horse-friendly pathways. The Flint Creek multiple-use trail lets equestrian enthusiasts revel in the tranquility of the natural Forest ecosystems. 

Note though, that this trail is also open to hikers and bikers. Share the trail responsibly and ensure a friendly atmosphere for all visitors.



This 20-mile trail can be used for horseback riding and is perfect if you want to personalize your ride. The trail provides access to a mix of forest environments and has a number of side trails perfect for shorter rides or to avoid hikers and bikers.



This multi-use trail boasts of over 20 miles for horse riders. Enjoy God’s lush green creation while navigating the well-marked trails, but remember it’s shared space, so be conscious of other trail users.



This 28-mile loop provides horse riders an immersive experience in the surrounding nature. You'll not only enjoy an exhilarating ride but also astonishing views that the trail has to offer. 


These trails provide a great way for horse riders to experience the Bankhead National Forest. Be sure to follow local regulations, such as cleaning up after your horse, and remember that these trails are shared with others who are also out to enjoy the Forest's beauty. Happy riding!



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Disclaimer: Verify local and seasonal regulations prior to visit as access and conditions may vary. Always respect the natural environment and fellow trail users.


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