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Yellow River State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: The Best Horse-Friendly Trails at Yellow River State Forest – Explore Iowa's Equestrian Routes!




Yellow River State Forest in Iowa is known for its lush, captivating beauty that attracts nature lovers, backpackers, and not forgetting, horse riders! As the state’s horse-riding jewel, a plethora of trails welcomes equestrians. In this blog post, we'll introduce the specific pathways where you can savour the beauty of Yellow River State Forest astride your trusty steed. 


1. The Little Paint Trail

The Little Paint Trail is ideal for horse riders craving serene wilderness of rugged timber terrain and colourful wildflowers scattered along the path. This trail provides an authentic backcountry experience while allowing you to bond with your horse. 


2. The Iron Mine Trail

Secondly, we have the Iron Mine Trail, attracting horse riders with its incredible woodland views and plenty of wildlife. With hilly stretches challenging you and your steed's endurance, the trail is a treat for adventurous equestrians.


3. The Larkin Valley Trail

Next up is the Larkin Valley Trail, a stunning blend of woodland and open prairie. This trail is moderately challenging but highly rewarding with sweeping views over beautiful valleys. 


4. The White Pine Trail

The White Pine Trail is another favorite among equestrians. This liberating course ties together scenic woodland and gentle streams while passing by some impressive white pine plantations – a delightful trail for your horse trekking.


5. The Heery Woods Trail

Named after the pioneering family who donated part of the land, Heery Woods Trail offers a peaceful route for horse riding. The trail delivers diverse landscapes, including a dense forest, grasslands and an intersection with Beaver Creek – a picturesque trail ride indeed!


6. The Horse Trail System Connectors

Finally, the Horse Trail System Connectors link several horses riding trails, making it feasible to trot from one route to another without the hustle of transportation. These connectors offer scenic transitions between different trails while providing additional riding opportunities. 




Venture out to Yellow River State Forest and take your horse riding experience to the next level on these great trails. Enjoy breathtaking backdrops, extensive landscapes and unique wildlife sightings. Iowa's open trails are waiting for you and your equine partner. 



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