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Orick Horse Camp
Orick, CA | Public
Ride the beach or in the Redwood Forest from this horse camp
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1000 Drydens Rd

Orick, CA 95555

In the heart of the majestic Redwood National Park, where the grandeur of ancient trees meets the rugged allure of the Orick Rodeo grounds, lies the equestrian haven known as Orick Horse Camp. Positioned conveniently near the trailhead of the Orick Horse Trail, this camp stands as a testament to the spirit of adventure, beckoning riders to explore the remarkable landscapes that define the Northern California coast.

Orick Horse Camp boasts a strategic location adjacent to the Orick Rodeo grounds, providing easy access to the trailhead of the Orick Horse Trail. This trail, weaving through the breathtaking Redwood National Park, offers riders a unique blend of coastal charm and the serene beauty of the ancient redwoods. Whether you're yearning for a gallop along the beach or a quiet ride amidst the towering giants, Orick Horse Camp sets the stage for unparalleled equestrian adventures.

At the heart of Orick Horse Camp's appeal are the thoughtfully provided amenities for both riders and their noble steeds. The camp features 13 spacious pens equipped with water, ensuring the comfort and well-being of your horses. For those who prefer to tie their horses to the trailer or bring a portable corral, the flexibility of choice adds to the allure of this equine retreat.

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