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Albion, ID 83318

In the heart of the Gem State, Idaho's wilderness comes alive, inviting adventure-seekers and nature lovers to explore the rugged beauty of Twin Lakes Campground. A true haven for those who yearn to embrace the great outdoors, this rustic campsite is your gateway to the awe-inspiring landscapes of southern Idaho.

At Twin Lakes Campground, adventure meets tranquility. Tucked away in a pristine corner of Idaho, this non-reservation campground, offering space for up to 100 visitors, promises an authentic outdoor experience. This is a place where nature enthusiasts gather to find solace in the wilderness.

Twin Lakes Campground embraces the adventurer in every visitor. While the season typically runs from July to October, these months offer the perfect window to explore this untamed wilderness.

For those who savor the simplicity of tent camping, this campground is a true gem. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the heart of Idaho's rugged landscape. With facilities that include restrooms, fire rings, and sturdy picnic tables, this campground invites campers to unwind while staying connected to nature.

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