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Elkhart, KS 67950

Nestled within the picturesque Cimarron Recreation Area and embraced by majestic cottonwood trees, Cimarron River Campground beckons travelers seeking an idyllic escape in the heart of Kansas. This scenic haven boasts 12 campsites, each surrounded by nature's beauty, providing a serene setting for nature enthusiasts and horse lovers alike. With abundant birdlife and wildlife viewing opportunities, the campground promises a captivating experience for all who venture here.

Cimarron River Campground finds its home in the stunning Cimarron Recreation Area, where nature reigns supreme. The campground's serene ambiance is enhanced by the presence of tall cottonwood trees that cast a soothing shade, creating a welcoming environment for visitors to unwind and connect with the surrounding wilderness.

For those with a penchant for angling, the Cimarron Fishing Ponds are a stone's throw away from the campground. Offering an ideal spot to cast a line and reel in the day's catch, these ponds provide a serene and rewarding experience for fishing enthusiasts.

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