AJ Jolly Park
AJ Jolly Equestrian Camp
Alexandria, KY | Campsite
At 1,000 acres, A.J. Jolly Park is one of the largest county parks in Kentucky.
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11500 Flatwoods Rd

Alexandria, KY 41001

In the heart of Campbell County, Kentucky, where rolling landscapes embrace the spirit of the Bluegrass State, lies AJ Jolly Equestrian Camp—a haven for horse enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With approximately 20 miles of scenic trails, this equestrian gem, born from the collaborative vision of the Campbell County Fiscal Court and the Northern Kentucky Horse Network, invites both citizens and visitors to partake in a day of equine exploration.

AJ Jolly stands as a testament to the commitment of preserving Kentucky's natural beauty. The partnership between the Campbell County Fiscal Court and the Northern Kentucky Horse Network has not only birthed a haven for horse lovers but also ensured the perpetual preservation of expansive lands. The result is an extensive horse-trail network that winds through the enchanting landscapes, offering riders a symphony of sights and sounds.

AJ Jolly Equestrian Camp is more than a place to tether your horse; it's a symphony of amenities catering to the diverse needs of visitors. The 28-stall barn ensures that horses find comfort, while the expanded campsite facilities offer a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern convenience. The pavilion, graced with grills, becomes a hub for shared stories and laughter, and the playground echoes with the joyous sounds of children at play.

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