Lake Louise State Park
Lake Louise State Park Campground
Le Roy Township, MN | Public
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12385 766th Ave

Le Roy Township, MN 55951

In the heart of Minnesota, where the natural beauty of open meadows and hardwoods calls, Lake Louise State Park Campground stands as a haven for hikers, horseback riders, and anyone eager to explore the great outdoors. This park, a refuge from the surrounding croplands, offers not just trails but a multitude of activities for those seeking a retreat into nature.

Lake Louise beckons hikers and horseback riders to traverse its winding trails, revealing the splendor of open meadows and lush hardwoods. These trails are a gateway to the serene oak savanna, a blend of grasslands and bur oaks, and pockets of hardwoods that characterize Lake Louise's unique landscape.

A historic dam, standing testament to the park's rich history, creates a water haven. The Upper Iowa and Little Iowa River impounded by the dam provide opportunities for paddling, swimming, and fishing on Lake Louise. Canoeing, kayaking, and fishing become not just activities but gateways to a serene connection with the park's aquatic beauty.

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