Storys Creek RV & Horse Campground
Storys Creek RV & Horse Campground
Eminence Township, MO | Campsite
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19133 CR 305

Eminence Township, MO 65466

In the heart of the majestic Ozark Mountains, where the air is crisp and the landscape is a tapestry of greenery, Story's Creek RV & Horse Campground emerges as a haven for nature enthusiasts and equestrians alike. Nestled along the banks of the crystal-clear, spring-fed "Story's Creek" and just a stone's throw from the Jacks Fork River, this newer campground is a testament to the allure of the Missouri wilderness.

Story's Creek sets itself apart as one of the premier campgrounds, offering a range of amenities tailored for both RV enthusiasts and horse riders. As one of the few campgrounds that provide full hookups and a shower house, Story's Creek ensures that guests enjoy a comfortable and refreshing stay amid the rugged beauty of the Ozarks. The convenience of full hook-ups and modern facilities adds a touch of luxury to the rustic charm of the outdoors.

Story's Creek is a gateway to an expansive network of trails that meander through dense forests, across babbling creeks, and along the majestic rivers of the Ozarks. With close to 300 miles of trails waiting to be explored, riders have the freedom to navigate the wilderness to their heart's content. The allure is not just in the mapped trails but in the promise of undiscovered paths, waiting to be trodden by adventurous spirits.

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