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Rock Creek Horse Camp
Darby, MT | Campsite
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Lake Como Rd

Darby, MT 59829

Nestled within the expansive Lake Como Recreation Area, Rock Creek Horse Camp stands as a testament to the spirit of adventure and equestrian passion. Offering a haven for horse enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, this campground provides a seamless blend of modern amenities and untamed wilderness, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an authentic Montana experience.

Rock Creek Horse Camp is designed with both convenience and rugged charm in mind. Boasting 11 tent and small trailer campsites, campers can enjoy the best of both worlds—immersing themselves in the raw beauty of nature while benefitting from modern facilities. Handicap-accessible vault toilets, well-maintained gravel roads, and reliable garbage service ensure a comfortable stay amidst the untamed wilderness.

For horse owners, Rock Creek is an absolute paradise. The campground is equipped with stock facilities catering to the needs of horses, including hitch rails, a stock ramp, and feed bunks. The site ensures the utmost care and comfort for the four-legged companions that accompany adventurers. Several trails conveniently depart from the horse camp, allowing riders to embark on thrilling journeys through Montana's captivating landscape.

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