Gila Hot Springs Ranch
Mimbres, NM | Campsite, Cabin
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3778 Highway 15

Mimbres, NM 88061

In the heart of southwestern New Mexico lies a wilderness like no other. The Gila Wilderness, with its rugged mountain peaks, meandering canyons, soothing hot springs, and lush forests, is a sprawling expanse of unspoiled wonder. Gila Hot Springs Ranch invites you to embark on an unforgettable adventure into this pristine wilderness, where the ancient landscape tells tales of a time untouched by modernity.

The Gila Wilderness sprawls across an astounding 558,014 acres, offering an array of landscapes that will leave you in awe. Deep canyons cut through the earth, their secrets whispered by the wind. Rugged mountain peaks beckon the adventurous spirit. Natural hot springs provide a soothing escape amid the wilderness, a true gift of nature. The forest stands tall and thick, offering shelter to countless forms of life. In this remote corner of New Mexico, you'll discover the first designated wilderness in the United States, where nature reigns supreme.

With hundreds of miles of trails to explore, you can set out on a journey of discovery. The landscape, steeped in history and natural grandeur, becomes your playground. The whispering pines, the crystal-clear streams, and the rugged trails are your companions on this wild journey.

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