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Brown County State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Saddle up and embark on an equestrian journey through breathtaking scenery around Brown County State Park. Indiana's largest state park offers a host of horse-friendly trails that weave through thrilling landscapes and picturesque nature. We've listed the top trails that specifically welcome horse riders, ensuring you have an unforgettable equestrian adventure.

1. Trail 1 - Taylor Ridge: Wind along the ridge of Weed Patch Hill on Trail 1, absorbing fantastic views of the forest. This trail is open for horse riding, offering a peaceful and scenic outing on horseback.

2. Trail 2 - Ogle Hollow Nature Preserve: Although primarily a hiking trail, horses are allowed on the trail which routes through Ogle Hollow. Enjoy thrilling descents and ascents through this natural beauty spot on horseback.

3. Trail 3 - High King Trail: This short yet scenic trail invites horse riders to explore the park's roadless area. The beautiful trail offers panoramic views of the park, an incredible spot for sunset.

4. Trail 4 - Green Valley Trail: Another trail welcoming horses, the Green Valley Trail is ideal for those seeking a tranquil horseback riding escape amidst a blend of serene valleys and forest flora.

5. Trail 7 - West Lookout Tower: Trail 7 takes horse riders through a network of scenic landmarks towards the West Lookout Tower. Enjoy a unique bird-eye's view of the park atop your horse.

6. Trail 9 - Hohen Point: This horse-friendly trail covers over 2 miles of scenic woodland. Experience the park's stunning variety of flora and fauna as you and your horse navigate the well-maintained terrain.

Remember, the conditions of each trail can vary seasonally. Always check trail conditions in advance. Park rules mandate cleaning up after horses and keeping them on designated horse-friendly trails. Please respect the park's guidelines for a pleasant, memorable ride.


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