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Daniel Boone National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails in Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky 


Are you looking for horse-friendly trails for your next equestrian adventure? Look no further than Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky. Please note, this list includes only trails that are designated as horse-friendly by official sources.


1. Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail: This key trail traverses through the heart of Daniel Boone National Forest, stretching out over 290 miles in Kentucky and Tennessee. It offers both breathtaking scenic views and challenging terrains for horse riders.


2. Barren Fork Horse Trail: Approximately 2.5 miles long, this trail encompasses both moderately difficult and easy parts. Start at the Barren Fork Trailhead for an enjoyable equestrian outing.


3. Clear Creek Lake Loop Trail: This 4.9-mile loop trail provides horse riders with beautiful vistas of Clear Creek Lake and wildlife spotting opportunities.


4. Pioneer Weapons Wildlife Management Area: Known for its wildlife attractions, it includes a vast space for horse riding. A perfect blend of nature and riding adventure!


5. Sugar Creek Loop: Consists of 5.2 miles of gentle ridges and ravines around Sugar Creek, this loop is suitable for horse riders of all skill levels.


6. Nathan McClure Trail: This horse-friendly trail offers a unique blend of flora and fauna, an excellent choice for multi-use trail enthusiasts, including horse riders.


7. Red River Gorge Geological Area: Good news for horse riders! While hiking is the focal activity in this area, certain trails like Twin Arches Loop Trail and Rock Bridge Trail also allow horseback riding. Check with local ranger stations before heading out for exact trails.


Remember that trails in the Daniel Boone National Forest require proper trail etiquette. If you're trail riding with your horse, always follow the ‘Leave No Trace’ policy to preserve the nature for future generations.



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