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Fort Robinson State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse Riding Trails at Fort Robinson State Park, Nebraska


Fort Robinson State Park boasts some of the best horse-friendly trails in all of Nebraska. If you're seeking a day of peaceful horse riding through picturesque hills and streams, look no further. In this list-style blog, we explore the specific trails within the park that accommodate equine enthusiasts. Each entry provides an in-depth look at what makes each trail unique, ensuring your next trip to this Nebraska gem is nothing short of incredible.


1. **Red Cloud Campground Trails**

Located near the Red Cloud Campground itself, these trails offer an expansive and scenic area perfect for horseback riding. Expect stunning views of the surrounding hills and expansive Nebraska sky as you wind around the myriad trails.


2. **Crawford East and West Trails**

A double treat for horse riders, the Crawford East and West trails span through pure beauty, giving riders an immersive experience of both the wooded and prairie landscapes. 


3. **Smiley Canyon**

If you wish to explore the canyon, you're in luck: horse riding is allowed on the Smiley Canyon trail. This trail winds through the stunning Nebraska canyon, offering views you won't find anywhere else in the park.


4. **White River Trails**

The White River Trails take you through one of the park's most stunning locations. Riders can explore along the White River, which can be as calm as a river or as vibrant and rapid as a stream.


5. **Scenic Loop Trail**

A slightly longer trail, the Scenic Loop offers a more extended ride. It may be a challenge, but the numerous scenic overlooks make this trail rewarding for both you and your horse.


Each of these trails has been felt under the hooves of countless horses. The park allows riders the chance to bring their own horses or rent from the arena. No matter how you choose to venture down these trails, you're sure to be met with breathtaking views and enjoyable rides at Fort Robinson State Park.



- Fort Robinson State Park: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission(http://outdoornebraska.gov/fortrobinson/)


(Note: Please ensure trail horse use allowances have not changed as often these can change seasonally or due to trail conditions. Always contact your specific park for the most accurate, up-to-date information.)


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