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Jackson-Washington State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horsey Haven: Equestrian-friendly Trails at Jackson-Washington State Forest, Indiana


Equestrians, it's time to saddle up and hit the trails! The Jackson-Washington State Forest in Indiana offers an array of horse-friendly trails that provide hours of discovery and adventure. Below you'll find a handpicked list of trails allowing horses, each offering lush surroundings, unique sights, and varying degrees of difficulty. From experienced riders to those just starting, there's a trail perfect for everybody.


1. Knobstone Trail

Considered Indiana's longest footpath, this 58-mile trail is also open to horses. Starting in Jackson-Washington State Forest, it offers steep climbs and descents, rare for the Midwest, showcasing spectacular views of forests, valleys, and ridges.


2. Skyline Drive

This picturesque road also doubles as a horse-friendly trail, where riders can take in panoramic views of the forest from their saddles. It's an excellent choice for a relaxed ride amidst serene nature.


3. Wranglers Campground Trails

Not a single trail but a network of trails centered around the Wranglers Horsemen's Campground. The trails range from easy to moderate, making them suitable for all skill levels. Enjoy the tranquil paths, fields, woods, and streams as you ride along.


4. Jackson Trail

A beautiful, serene path that offers both peace and beauty for your ride! This trail traverses through mature forests and provides a relaxed ride perfect for beginner riders.


5. Starve Hollow Loop

This trail also begins at the Wranglers Campground. Circuitous and calm, it's a great relaxing ride, where you might spot wildlife like deer, squirrels, and various birds.


6. Washington Trail

An extensive and adventurous loop starting and ending at the Wranglers Campground. This trail is for skilled riders ready to challenge themselves and their horses.


It's recommended to check local regulations and advisories for each trail in advance. Always respect the trail and natural surroundings by cleaning up after your horse. Happy riding!




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Please note: Always check with local authorities or park offices regarding horse-riding rules and restrictions on the mentioned trails. The given information is subject to change.


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