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Lewis and Clark National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Exploring Horse-friendly Trails at Montana's Lewis and Clark National Forest




Lewis and Clark National Forest, located in the heart of Montana, is a lush expanse of scenic beauty and vast wilderness, offering over1,600 miles of trails perfect for horse-riding enthusiasts. While horses aren't permitted on all trails in the forest, this guide has verified the top routes where four-legged companions are more than welcome. 


1. Biggs-Kakwitch Trail (#116)


Spanning approximately 10 miles, the Biggs-Kakwitch Trail is a challenging yet rewarding route suitable for seasoned equestrians. The trail offers multiple panoramic views that make the ride even more delightful. 


2. Jumping Creek Trail (#225)


For a shorter, less strenuous ride, choose the Jumping Creek Trail. Measuring just over 6 miles, this path is perfect for a quick ride with beautiful vistas of creekside foliage, especially in autumn.


3. Scapegoat Wilderness Trail


The Scapegoat Wilderness area allows horses and invites riders to explore an untouched wilderness expanse. Dense forests, rolling hills, and pristine waters cater to riders seeking peace and solitude. Check specific trails for permitting information.


4. Middle Fork Judith Trail (#270)


This 16.7-mile trail pays homage to the explorative spirit of the days of Lewis and Clark. Be warned - this is a strenuous journey, only recommended for experienced riders and horses acclimatized to elevation changes and diverse terrain.


5. Arrastra Creek Trail (#132)


One of the forest's most unique trails, the Arrastra Creek route passes by several historical landmarks related to Montana's rich mining history. This 10-mile trail might be a good fit for history buffs looking for an enlightening and enjoyable ride.




Riding amidst the natural beauty of Lewis and Clark National Forest is a memorable experience, made even better knowing these trails cater to riders and their hooved companions. Before you set off, always be sure to check with the local ranger district for the current conditions and possible closures.




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