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McGee Creek State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: The Best Horse-Friendly Trails at McGee Creek State Park, Oklahoma


Horses are an integral part of Oklahoma's heritage, and that tradition carries on even today in places like McGee Creek State Park, which offers an array of trails exclusively accessible for equestrian lovers. This picturesque area provides horse riders a unique opportunity to explore Oklahoma's raw and rugged beauty. Let's rein in the best trails at McGee Creek State Park that are open to horses. 


1. Buster Hight Nature Trail:   

This 1.5-mile loop trail allows horseback riding. It provides fantastic views of McGee Creek Reservoir and the pristine woodland.    


2. Owl Creek Bridge Overlook:

An astonishingly scenic horse-friendly trail that’s around 3 miles long. Winding through dense cedar and hardwood forests, this trail guides you to a panoramic overlook offering a breath-taking view of the Owl Creek Bridge and the shimmering McGee Creek Reservoir. 


3. Buggy Trail:

Snaking for about 4 miles, this trail allows equestrians to traverse through the rugged wilderness of the state park filled with pine, hickory, and oak trees. It's an intermediate trail, adequate for riders with a moderate level of experience. 


4. South Rim Trail:

This 4.5-mile trail is one of the longest horse-friendly trails in the park. It meanders around the southern rim of McGee Creek Reservoir and offers panoramic views of the water body. 


5. Wilderness Loop:

Stretching for over 5.5 miles, this trail is a favorite among equestrians for its diverse landscape. Riders can savor the views of ridge-top forestland, creek valleys, and bluffs. 


6. North Rim Trail:

Stretching about 6 miles, this trail is recommended for experienced riders due to its rugged nature and steep sections. It skirts along the northern part of McGee Creek Reservoir, providing awesome views and exciting wildlife sightings. 


Remember that trail conditions can change due to weather, so it is advisable to check with park staff before setting up an equestrian adventure. Explore these enchanting trails on horseback and find yourself connecting more with nature and Oklahoma's equestrian roots!




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