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Meshomasic State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Your Ultimate Guide to Horse-Ready Trails at Meshomasic State Forest, Connecticut



For equestrians, there's nothing quite like a lovely trail ride in picturesque settings. Look no further if you're in Connecticut and in search of some exciting new routes for you and your four-legged friend because Meshomasic State Forest boasts several horse-friendly trails. Here’s the ultimate guide to the equestrian-allowed trails to help perfect your horseback riding adventures!


1. Shenipsit Trail

The Shenipsit Trail offers over 40 miles of beautiful horse-ride-ready landscapes. Beginning within the Meshomasic State Forest, it goes all the way to the Cobalt area, rewarding riders with a mix of forest views, ponds, and rocky paths. While not the entire trail is accessible to horses, the Meshomasic State Forest portion is open for equestrians to safely enjoy.


2. Blue-Blazed Trail

Connecticut's Blue-Blazed trails are known for their stunning scenery and equestrian accessibility. Meshomasic State Forest features parts of this renowned trail network, offering enjoyable, horse-friendly stretches.


3. Forest Logging Roads

When it comes to a leisurely horse ride, sometimes all you need is an open road, and the Meshomasic State Forest delivers that with its network of Forest logging roads. These roads run through the forest providing a flat, easy ride perfect for beginners or for cooling down after an adventurous day.


4. The Designated Horse Trail

A must-ride trail at Meshomasic State Forest, the Designated Horse Trail, presents an excellent opportunity for horseback riding enthusiasts to explore the forest's terrain. This route allows riders to meander through the wilderness, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable equestrian experience.


5. Multi-Use Work Roads

Multi-use Work Roads within Meshomasic State Forest are also open to horseback riding. These paths serve as connectors between various trails and are an essential part of the Meshomasic equestrian experience.



Whether you're headed out for a relaxing trail ride with friends or seeking solace on your own, Meshomasic State Forest has some of the most beautiful horse-friendly routes in Connecticut. So get your equestrian gear, saddle up, and hit the trails for an unforgettable horseback riding adventure!




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