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Mount Hood National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-Friendly Trails of Mount Hood National Forest



Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest by exploring the majestic Mount Hood National Forest on horseback. The following list includes exclusively horse-friendly trails that promise an unforgettable equine adventure. Please remember to respect the trail rules and always leave no trace. 


1. **Timothy Lake Loop Trail**: 

This trail stretches 11.7 miles, offering gorgeous views of the lake, Mount Hood, and the lush forest. It is open for horseback riders, with its relatively flat terrain providing an ideal opportunity for those just starting their horse-riding journey. 


2. **Pacific Crest Trail Section G:**

This section of the Pacific Crest Trail traverses the Mount Hood National Forest. It's a long stretch, and the terrain varies significantly, making it challenging and adventurous for both riders and their horses.


3. **Twin Lakes Trail**: 

An enchanting trail of 7.5 miles, the Twin Lakes Trail takes riders through stunning views of alpine meadows and gorgeous lakes. 


4. **Buck Peak Trail**: 

The Buck Peak Trail offers a vigorous ride covering 16.2 miles. This trail is perfect for riders looking to challenge themselves and their horses in a demanding and rewarding ride.


5. **Clackamas River Trail**: 

The Clackamas River Trail, stretching 13.8 miles, welcomes horse riders to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Clackamas River and the surrounding forests.


6. **Little Crater Lake Trail**: 

This one-mile trail is a nice, easy amble around the beautiful Little Crater Lake, perfect for a short and leisurely horseback ride.


Before you venture off, it's important to remember that conditions in a wilderness area can change quickly. Always prepare in advance and stay safe. Keep in mind that some trails require a recreation pass, so make sure to check the current requirements. Happy trail riding!




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