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New River Trail State Park Horse Trails | Dec 2023 | Top Horse Trails
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The New River Trail State Park, located in Virginia, is a scenic oasis attracting millions of visitors each year with its multiuse trail stretching over 57 miles. It's a paradise for a variety of outdoor activities, notably including horseback riding. With reliable information sourced from the official Virginia State Parks website, the following trails are confirmed to permit horses:


1. **New River Trail**: The main highlight of the park, the New River Trail provides a long stretch for equestrians. This trail is a converted rail line that stretches from Galax to Pulaski, and navigates through picturesque riverviews, lush forests, and rural farmlands. 


2. **Chestnut Yard**: This trail serves as a gateway to the Foster Falls area, a favorite among horse riders due to its dedicated horse arena and hitching facilities. Chestnut Yard Trail links to the open and wide New River Trail, allowing riders to extend their exploration.


3. **Cliffview Trail (Carroll County)**: At Carroll County, the Cliffview Trail is a horse-friendly route. The Cliffview Camping Ground is also available for horse camping, allowing equestrians an enjoyable overnight stay for longer exploration.


4. **Fries Junction Trail**: The Fries Junction Trail is another horse-permitted track near the southern end of the park. Much like Cliffview, camping facilities are also available for overnight guests.


5. **Mark E Hufeisen Horse Complex**: Although technically not a trail, the Mark E Hufeisen Horse Complex merits mention here. It is not just a trail, but a complete horse-friendly park within the state park, complete with camping, hitching posts, individual horse stalls, and a riding ring.


Make certain to follow all park rules and regulations while enjoying the beauty of the New River Trail State Park on horseback. Keep in mind that specific trails may have individual guidance for horse usage, such as cleaning up after your mount and respecting other trail users. Whether you're meandering along the river or high on a hill with sweeping park views, riding horseback is among the best ways to see the New River Trail State Park.


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