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Nez Perce National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Discover Horse-Friendly Trails at Nez Perce National Forest, Idaho




Nez Perce National Forest is a horse rider's dream come true with its sprawling grasslands, eye-catching forest trails, and stunning panoramas. This unspoilt utopia offers a multitude of trails that welcome our four-legged friends. Journey with us as we take you through each horse-friendly trail in this beautiful location. 


1. Twentymile Trail #420: 


Designed for both horse and foot traffic, Twentymile Trail stretches out to roughly 17 miles. It leads riders through lush vegetation, and offers gorgeous views of Twentymile Creek and its nearby ridges. This trail is challenging yet highly rewarding. 


2. Crooked Creek Trail #431:


This trail is another horse-friendly adventure, approximately 5.4 miles long. Its esoteric charm lies in the steep inclines — a perfect challenge for those seeking a more daring ride.


3. Bentz Ridge Trail #425:


Incredible sights and potential wildlife encounters make Bentz Ridge an exhilarating exploration on horseback. This trail spans roughly 5 miles and brings you across a ridge with breath-taking views.


4. Indian Grave Peak Trail #418:


Indian Grave Peak is steeped in history and beauty. It's a demanding 8.6-mile trail that rewards Riders with stunning glimpses of the surrounding mountainscape and a taste of the area's cultural past.


5. Sourdough Saddle Trail #414:


This trail offers a modest 2.9-mile journey that is ideal for leisurely rides. It offers remarkable viewpoints and bursts of wildflowers in the spring.


6. Boundary Trail #435:


Straddling the border of Nez Perce National Forest, this trail offers an approximate 22-mile escape into pure wilderness. Suitable for more experienced riders due to some steep sections and the extended length.


7. Hemlock Ridge Trail #420.1:


An ideal trail for nature lovers, Hemlock Ridge is home to abundant wildflowers and diverse wildlife. The 13.2-mile trail offers both leisurely stretches and challenging climbs for a balanced ride.


8. Green Mountain Trail #91:


As the name suggests, this trail takes you through the breathtaking green mountains of Nez Perce Forest. It's a demanding 10-mile trek; the beauty and tranquility of the forest make it worth the wilderness adventure.




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