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O'Bannon Woods State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Trails at O'Bannon Woods State Park, Indiana


Are you looking for the perfect trail to take your horse for a gallop in Indiana? Covering diverse terrain dotted with scenic beauty, O'Bannon Woods State Park provides some of the best equine-friendly trails in the state. Here are the park's specific horse-friendly trails, confirmed through official sources.


1. Fire Tower Trail:

This trail is a moderate intensity trail, stretching over 1.5 miles. It takes you through a variety of scenery and terrain including a climb to the fire tower - an excellent spot for vistas and photo ops!


2. Cold Friday Road:

Rated as easy to moderate trail, the Cold Friday Road covers 7.2 miles of gently rolling roadways. Be ready to experience a mixture of calming, forested areas as well as open, panoramic spaces.


3. Rocky Ridge Trail:

This 5-mile trail gives you and your horse a bit of a challenge as you encounter a mix of flat terrain and rocky landscapes. The gorgeous views and sense of adventure make it all worth it.


4. Breeden Ridge Trail:

Don't be intimidated by the name. Although differing topographies are present in this 10.9-mile trail, the sweeping views from the ridge quite literally overshadow the effort it will take for you and your horse to climb up there.


5. Overlook Trail:

The name is well-deserved, as you and your equine companion will get numerous overlook opportunities on this 9.2-miles loop trail. It's perfect for those looking to take it a bit slower and enjoy the trail's tranquil beauty.


Remember that while enjoying the beauty of these trails, it's crucial to respect the park's rules and regulations, which can include cleaning up after your horse and ensuring its welfare throughout the journey.


Please note, all trail lengths are round-trip measurements. Make sure to check the official O'Bannon Woods State Park website or reach out to park officials for the most accurate and current information.


Now, mount up, ride out, and experience some of Indiana's most picturesque landscapes from the back of your trusty horse at O'Bannon Woods State Park.



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