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Taylorsville Lake State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Through Taylorsville Lake State Park: Trails For Equestrian Enthusiasts


If you are looking for horse-friendly trails in Kentucky, Taylorsville Lake State Park should never be off your list. With a vast expanse of ideal horse-riding terrain, this park caters to horse enthusiasts and riders of all experiences. Here are the specific trails within Taylorsville Lake State Park where horse riding is permitted:


1. **Paw Paw Trail:** This 5.1-mile moderate loop trail weaves through a mixed hardwood forest filled with wildlife where, along with horses, dogs on leashes are also welcome. The trail offers scenic views of Taylorsville Lake and ample shade during your ride. 


2. **Possum Ridge Trail:** Spanning approximately 7 miles, Possum Ridge Trail is a loop used for horse riding, hiking, and biking. The trail is relatively flat and usually very peaceful, providing a serene ride with beautiful views of the surrounding woodland and water.


3. **Lake Overlook Loop:** If what you crave is a picturesque horse ride, then the Lake Overlook Loop is perfect for you. This trail expands around 8 miles and offers spectacular views of Taylorsville Lake. Remember to take a break and capture the mesmerizing moments once you reach the lake overlook.


4. **Forest Loop Trail:** With approximately 6 miles to cover, the Forest Loop Trail offers a diverse range of terrain for equestrians. The trail provides a good mix of open spaces and wooded areas for a balanced riding experience.


5. **Osprey Point Trail:** The longest amongst all in the park, the Osprey Point Trail spans about 11 miles. The trail is a moderate loop where riders can enjoy the abundant nature and occasional wildlife sightings. However, it is advised to be well prepared with supplies due to its length.


Whether it's a leisurely ride or a training run, make sure to check the trail conditions before your visit. Remember to respect the trail and its surrounding wildlife, maintaining a modest pace and cleaning up after your horse to ensure the park's beauty is preserved for all.


So, saddle up and get ready to explore some of Kentucky's most beautiful scenery on these horse-friendly trails. Happy horseback riding at Taylorsville Lake State Park!



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