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Versailles State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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"Hit the Trails – Horseback Riding at Versailles State Park"

Versailles State Park, located in the beautiful state of Indiana, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Among the park's numerous activities, horseback riding has its special place. Horse lovers and riders will find a number of dedicated trails designed with their specific needs in mind. 

Here are Versailles State Park's horse accessible trails along with brief descriptions:

1. Trail 1 (3.9 miles) 
One of the most traveled trails in the park, Trail 1 gives you an opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery along the creekside. It's a relatively easy route, perfect for a leisurely ride.

2. Trail 2 (A/B/C) (5.6 miles)
This trail has different sections (A, B, and C). Combined, they form a 5.6-mile loop that takes riders through a verdant hardwood forest. Both informal riders and experienced equestrians will enjoy the moderate difficulty level of this trail.

3. Trail 4 (2 miles)
Among the shortest trails in the park, Trail 4 is great for a quick ride. This trail lets you explore the park's lush landscape without taking up too much of your day. 

4. Trail 7 (2.4 miles)
Trail 7 is a moderate trail within Versailles State Park that offers its visitors a true equestrian experience with views of the lake and surrounding forests.

5. Trail 8 (4.2 miles) 
Tail 8 is for those looking for a bit more of a challenge. At just over four miles, it offers a longer route and more varying terrain. 

Before you saddle up, please remember to always observe park rules for the safe and enjoyable use of these trails. These regulations include proper care of trail surfaces, respecting trail hours, and ensuring the cleanliness of the paths.

Versailles State Park is a magical place and exploring it on horseback makes it all the more special. So come and enjoy the serenity of nature from a unique perspective—one that you and your four-legged companion will surely enjoy.


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Please note: Always check the most recent guidelines and trail restrictions from the official park website or the local park office before planning a horseback ride.

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