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Yellowwood State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Trails at Yellowwood State Forest, Indiana - A Brief Guide 


Hello horse-lovers and equestrian enthusiasts! If you're looking for the best trails in Indiana that accommodate your equine friend, look no further! Yellowwood State Forest offers a multitude of horse-friendly trails. Here are their names, and what makes each one special:


1. **High King Trail**

   High King Trail is a 2-mile moderately trafficked loop trail. Offering diverse terrains through the state forest, it is perfect for experienced riders looking forward to challenging their horses. 


2. **Tecumseh Trail**

   Tecumseh Trail is an outstanding 42-mile point-to-point long trail that traverses gorgeous scenery and great landscapes. It is a good choice for riders wishing to spend a day adventuring with their horses.


3. **Scarce O Fat Trail**

   If you are seeking little more adventurous, Scarce O Fat Trail, a 5-mile loop trail, should definitely be on your list. Not only does it accommodate horses, but it also provides a scenic feast of Indiana's heartland.


4. **Yellowwood Lake Trail**

   Yellowwood Lake Trail is a 4.9-mile loop trail situated around a beautiful lake. This a great one for those who want to enjoy lake views with their equestrian pals.


5. **CCC Trail**

   A 1.5-mile loop trail, the CCC Trail, takes you through terrain showcasing Yellowwood’s beautiful forest setting. If you are looking for a shorter ride, the CCC Trail may be just for you.


Horse-riding enthusiasts must note that Indiana Department of Natural Resources requires a valid horse use tag for each horse when using Indiana's marked horse trails, including those at Yellowwood. This regulation helps to maintain and enhance these beautiful trails for our enjoyment.


Yellowwood State Forest provides a welcoming, serene, and rejuvenating environment to enjoy horseback riding, making it a favorite amongst equestrians. We hope to see you and your horse trotting on these trails soon!



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*Please verify current trail status and regulations with official sources before embarking on any trail.


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