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The Cordell Hull Conservation Opportunity Area (COA) is centered around the Cordell Hull Dam, one of the numerous dams along the Cumberland River in Tennessee. This dam is located just upstream from Carthage, Tennessee. As the Cumberland River exits the dam, the cold water discharge creates a river habitat that allows for one of the best cold water fisheries in middle Tennessee. This fishery supports impressive numbers and sizes of sauger, walleye, and striped bass that are caught by anglers in the upper reaches of the tailwater. Downstream from the reservoir, suitable habitat conditions also exist for the diverse mussel population located in this portion of the Cumberland River. Native mussel species found within this COA include the Dromedary Pearlymussel, Pink Mucket, White Heelsplitter, and Hickorynut Mussel. In addition to its many freshwater resources, the Cordell Hull COA contains many karst formations and features, including numerous caves. These caves provide habitat to a number of bat species of Greatest Conservation Need. These include the Gray Bat, Little Brown Bat, Northern Myotis, Indiana Bat, and Tri-colored Bat.

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